Our eCommerce Legal Services.

​If your business buys and sells over the internet, our eCommerce lawyer can provide you with eCommerce legal services, including:

  • Drafting privacy policies for eCommerce businesses

  • Drafting website terms of use for eCommerce businesses

  • Drafting eCommerce terms and conditions

  • Drafting sales and refund terms and conditions

  • Providing legal advice on the rights and obligations of eCommerce businesses

  • Providing legal advice on consumer rights and the Australian Consumer Law

  • Reviewing marketing, social media and advertising campaigns to ensure legal compliance

  • Reviewing and negotiating supplier agreements, including agreements with overseas suppliers

  • Managing consumer disputes for e-commerce businesses

  • Dealing with regulatory authorities, including regulatory investigations


We work with eCommerce businesses to deliver fast, affordable and first-class legal advice. 

Let your eCommerce businesses stand out from the crowd. Engage with an eCommerce lawyer that knows how to take your eCommerce business to the next level with the best legal advice coupled with an understanding of the customer experience.

Choose Prosper Law for your eCommerce legal needs and find out why we are a five-star rated law firm.

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eCommerce Legal Services

Our eCommerce Legal Services.

Did you know that your eCommerce website should include terms and conditions? We can help you to ensure your website complies with Australian law and the requirements of third party platforms. 

Our legal advice can help you find the best way to capture customer data, email marketing strategies and social media posts in a way that is legally compliant.

You may also be looking for legal advice to help structure and plan your website or eCommerce platform.

Talk to our eCommerce lawyer today and ask for a fixed-fee quote for legal services.

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eCommerce Terms & Conditions.

We're experts at drafting and negotiating eCommerce agreements (including website terms, privacy policies and supplier agreements) that will manage your business' risk, identify commercial opportunities and ensure your agreement works for your eCommerce business.

We will write the document in your preferred format and tone, explain the document to you and make sure it works for your eCommerce business and your customers.

We offer affordable and fixed-fee pricing for eCommerce terms and conditions written specifically to suit your business. Talk to our eCommerce lawyer for a quote today!

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Data and Privacy Policies.

eCommerce businesses manage personal information and operate in an environment that is susceptible to cyber-attacks. Because of this, it's important to make sure you understand your eCommerce business' privacy obligations and ensure you have systems and procedures in place to protect your eCommerce business.

Even if your eCommerce business isn't legally required to have a privacy policy, some online platforms require that eCommerce businesses have one in place.

We can help protect your eCommerce business and your customers' personal information by providing quality eCommerce legal advice.

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Consumer & Regulatory Compliance.

Your business operates in a highly regulated space. It's important to understand what rights your customers have, while also being commercial about the way you operate your business.

If you receive an email or letter from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Office of the Privacy Commissioner or other regulatory body, your customer threatens to make a complaint, or you need to disclose a data breach, contact our eCommerce lawyer today.

We can help your business manage consumer risk.

eCommerce Lawyer

Farrah is the Legal Principal of Prosper Law and has worked with multi-billion-dollar eCommerce businesses, as well as the smaller end of town. 

We are a five-star rated law firm that has helped eCommerce businesses across Australia to deliver their product to customers and minimise risk for their business.

Protect your business today and reach out to Prosper Law.

eCommerce Legal Services

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