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Need a commercial contract lawyer? You’ve come to the right place

Prosper Law has unparalleled experience providing commercial contracts legal advice.

We can draft, negotiate, review, amend and provide general legal advice for any kind of commercial contract. 

All of our legal services are provided on a fixed-fee basis, so you can have piece of mind when it comes to legal fees.


Technology Agreements

Technology Agreements.

Prosper Law can provide legal advice for technology-based businesses, including technology agreements.

We have assisted Australian businesses with drafting, reviewing and negotiating technology and intellectual property agreements.


Whether it's software, hardware or a combination of the two, we know how you can get the most from your technology agreements and protect your business.

Prosper Law understands the importance of digital assets and intellectual property.

We know how to protect and leverage intellectual property rights to get the best commercial deal for your business.

We can provide legal services for the following kinds of technology agreements:

  • IT goods and services agreements

  • Software licensing agreements

  • Intellectual property agreements

  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements

  • Intellectual property transfer and licensing agreements

  • Saas agreements

  • Maintenance and servicing agreements

We provide legal advice for the following kinds of Contracts.

We’re experts at drafting, reviewing and negotiating consultancy agreements.

You can engage our contracts lawyer for:

  • Legal contract reviews and schedules of departures

  • Bespoke legal and contract templates for your business

  • Internal contracts training

  • Commercial contracts advice

  • Contract consultancy

Our contracts lawyer understands how to balance commercial opportunity with legal risk.

We do not provide conservative, black-letter legal advice. Instead, our contracts lawyer is commercially sensitive and provides legal advice to help your business grow. We know that your aim is to 'get the job done', without assuming too much risk. 

Our experience with consultancy agreements and professional services agreements is first class.

We have helped consultancy firms with:

  • Consultancy services agreements

  • Exclusivity agreements

  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements

  • Joint venture agreements

  • Warranty deeds and side deeds

  • Deeds of covenant

  • Tender services agreements

  • Requests for tender and bid submissions

  • Deeds of novation

  • Deeds of settlement

  • Deeds of release

  • Consultant certification and certificates

  • Subconsultancy agreements

Consultancy Agreements.

Consultancy Agreements and Professional Services Agreements.

Prosper Law have worked with some of Australia’s top consultancy and professional services firms. We are highly recognised amongst Australia's consultancy firms, including in the fields of engineering and architecture.

We take the time to understand your consultancy business, how your clients operate and the broader industry you work in. This helps us to provide tailored, commercial legal advice.

Recruitment & Labour Hire.

Prosper Law provides commercial contracts services to recruitment and labour hire businesses across Australia.

If your business needs a contracts lawyer to:

If your business needs a contracts lawyer to:

  • Prepare a bespoke recruitment agreement or labour hire agreement

  • Provide legal templates

  • Draft a bespoke employment contract, including on a fixed-term, casual, full-time or part-time basis

  • Review and negotiate a recruitment agreement or labour hire agreement

  • Provide commercial contracts advice regarding insurance, non-solicitation clauses, workplace health and safety and other employment risks

Recruitment & Labour


We can provide legal services to both employers and employees.

Prosper Law can draft, review and negotiate employment agreements.

Click here to find out more about our employment legal services.


Prosper Law can provide eCommerce businesses with legal documents for eCommerce sites. We provide your eCommerce business with a refund policy, terms and conditions, privacy policy and website terms of use. 

Consultancy Agreements

Consultancy Agreements





Recruitment & 

Labour Hire

Recruitment & 

Labour Hire

Employment Agreements

Employment Agreements

eCommerce Agreements

eCommerce Agreements